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FileZilla FTP


The following instructions may not apply to every operating system and every version of FileZilla. This page is intended to be a simple guide.

The first step is to download FileZilla, if you do not already have it. FileZilla download

Most of you will want to select the first link.


Once you have downloaded and installed FileZilla start the program. It will look like the following image.


This is where you enter the FTP username and password that we sent you earlier. If you don't have the information, you need to email us now, so we can get it to you. Email InfinitPrint.

Once you have the information; enter the Host, Username, and Password leave the port empty. Click the [Quickconnect] button.


The first window will display the connection information.

The left window in the second row is labeled "Local site:", this is your computer. Navigate to the folder or directory that has the file(s) that you want to send to InfinitPrint.


The left window in the third row has your files. Select the file that you want to send to us.


Click on the file and drag it to the third row window on the right and release the file. This will copy the file to InfinitPrint's system.


Congratulations! You're done. You may want to email us to let us know that your file is ready. Email InfinitPrint.


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